Every year we add an entirely new collection of Baskets. These are not the only baskets available but they are more likely to be in stock as well as have the least amount of substitutions. Usually the only reason these baskets would have substitutions is because the product is no longer available. 

Some of the previous years baskets are available but will have quite a few substitutions. This is because we either didn't buy new product in, or the companies we buy from no longer sell the product. In these cases, we will try our best to find a high quality product that is equal or greater in value.

Although I do show previous years baskets, they are mostly just to look back on and show you the styles of baskets that we do as well as show you how we have advanced over the years.


Mailing/Pickup address:

Baskets for You


20724 Landstrom rd

Hope, BC


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