Mothers Day

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Mothers Day is a very popular day where people celebrate and show appreciation for mothers around by sending them cards, flowers, gifts or phone calls.

As a child I remember making Mothers Day gifts in school. I would sneak it home in the bottom of my backpack and then find a secret hiding place for it until Mothers Day Sunday.

Historically Mothers Day originated in our neighboring country the United States by a woman named Anna Jarvis. In 1908, three years after her mothers death, she started a movement towards creating a national assigned day by holding a memorial ceremony to honor her mother at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. She did not attend the service but did send a telegram describing the significance of Mothers Day as well as five hundred white carnations for those who attended the service.

Gift baskets delivered to your mother is just the perfect gift as she will enjoy the variety of gifts included in each basket. This year we have beautiful aprons, tea pots and cozies, oven mitts, teas, fruit, cookies, wine, and more arranged beautifully into baskets and wrapped in cellophane and a handmade bow.

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